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Chicken and Meat the way our ancestors use to eat are becoming something of the past! With the high demand to feed the masses, the chicken and meat are injected with hormones and antibiotics. To generate more money, meat and chicken are injected with Brine to increase the weight thus making the consumer pay more. Natural Meat has noticed this and took cognisance of the consumers concerns (tasteless, hormone and antibiotic infested as well as brine drowned meat) and decided to revert back to our routes. We are giving the consumer the Healthier option of chicken and meat

Our Definition of Organic is chicken and meat that are Brine, Hormone and Antibiotic free

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How does NATURAL MEAT Define Organic:

According to the department of Agriculture it will always apply the concept “ORGANIC” in its widest sense. The latter means that traceability must thus be established of every single aspect / component used and applied in its farming operation which include feedstock, medicine and the like. Although Natural Meat’s traceability of most of its components used – i.e. medicine, drinking water, etc. are recorded, it however lacks on the traceability of the grain / maize that it purchase from its suppliers. The grain / maize suppliers are unfortunately unable to supply Natural Meat with a certificate that all components (pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) used by them to grow the grain / maize that they produce and supply to us are organic.  Natural Meat uses the term “organic” as defined in its specified terms and conditions as “antibiotic free, hormone free, brine free”. All animals are grain / maize fed.

Free Range?

Natural Meat chickens are classified as semi-free range chicken mainly due to the following reasons
To ensure that Natural Meat meets the criteria to produce an antibiotic and hormone free chicken, a specific area is demarcated within which chickens are grown. In our modern days a very high premium is placed on the supply of antibiotic and hormone free meat to safeguard consumers from the negative side effects caused by the latter – i.e. antibiotic resistance, weight gain, etc.