Carmy De Araujo Almeida

Absolutely delicious! Well done! Keep up the good work. And as far as the service and delivery is concerned...... 5 stars

Stephan Roumeliotis

Looks good and the prices are great, also situated in the rite area for me.

Nelda Kruger

Ons het nou wings gebraai. En dit was super lekker. Ons is baie impress!!! Verskriklik baie vleis aan. Dankie julle!


The Effects of hormones in Meat and Chicken

Because of the high demand on producers of meat and Chicken to get food out to the masses as quick as possible, the injection of hormones (among others) has become common practice. Unbeknown to the end user this has an effect on your body as the notion of you are…

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Effects of Antibiotics in Meat and Chicken

The Fact that there are so many of us not responding to antibiotics the way we use to beggs the question whether or not what we eat has an effect on this. The meat and chicken that we eat are so full of antibiotics and hormones, we as endusers are…

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Brine in Meat and Chicken

Of Late up to 30% of the weight in meat and Chicken is brine. Brine is typically saltwater injected in meat and chicken to increase the weight. Resulting in the enduser paying more! A lot of people do not know what this means. in the event of buying a 1.6kg…

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Our chickens / meat are non-certified organic (i.e. there has been no certification process), however we have the necessary information to back up our claim that they are raised in a manner that is the equivalent of an organic lifestyle, and in fact, beyond organic. Therefore the reason for our TRADE NAME: NATURAL MEAT. For more information – i.e certificates that meat is brine, hormone and antibiotic free, please feel free to contact us.